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Our website address is: https://iwishmarriage.com

Information Collected by Iwishmarriage.com

Any personal information collected from you is used for purposes as mentioned below.

Submitted Account Information: To create an account on Iwishmarriage.com, we ask for your personal information such as your name and email address. This email address is used to notify you of other users who want to get in touch with you via personal messages, reviews etc. Also, this email address is used to inform you about various updates and newsletters (if subscribed to during account creation process or anytime afterward) and rewards.

Personal Email / Telephone numbers: Iwishmarriage.com assures that any telephone number shared by you during the sign-up or other process will be shown to the customer / adviewer.

Submissions: In order to provide the best services, we store and publicly display your submissions. The term ‘submission’ refers to different information like the contact person’s name, business address, product images etc; which are displayed in your account profile on Iwishmarriage.com.

Feedback: iwishmarriage.com enables its users and vendors with an option to provide feedback, register complaints or ask a question for a better experience. To ensure smooth and effective communication, we will store any personal information provided to us via the above-mentioned sources.

Activity: Iwishmarriage.com store user information like the IP address, location, timestamp information, the browser type, requested URL, searches undertaken, and the pages viewed. All these details are used to analyze a visitor’s behavior and interaction with various areas of Iwishmarriage.com.

Cookies: It refers to small pieces of data/ information that a website sends to the hard drive of your computer while you are viewing the site. Iwishmarriage.com may use both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are the ones which expire as soon as you exit the browser while persistent cookies are saved on your system until they are cleared manually. In case the cookies are disabled then some features of Iwishmarriage.com may not work smoothly or not work at all.

Enforcement: Any information (including personal information) shared with us while you use the services of Iwishmarriage.com will be used to investigate, enforce, and apply the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Other Information

If you have shared with us the email address of your friend or any other person then we will invite him/her to create an account on our website. By sharing the third person’s email address, you hereby agree to have taken his/her consent for sharing their personal information with us. All such third persons will have an option to stop receiving such invites. Also, Iwishmarriage.com will share personal information of the third person if it is needed to comply with any legal proceedings.

Note: If we want to collect any other information for any purpose other than the ones as mentioned here, we will ask for your consent in advance.

Content on Our Website

Iwishmarriage.com regularly post content related to the latest trends in Indian weddings around the world, and thereby helps users by keeping them updated with the latest happenings. We source images of real-life weddings from our registered vendors and they are assumed to have copyrights of such images. In case anyone has an objection with any content or image placed on the website, please feel free to contact us and we will take action if it is considered necessary.

Links to Other Websites

Our website has affiliate links to different online resources. Iwishmarriage.com does not take any responsibility of practices undertaken by such affiliates or their websites linked from or to Iwishmarriage.com. We do not take any responsibility for content placed on such affiliate websites. We recommend a careful study of the affiliate’s privacy statements and other conditions of use. You also agree to provide information or engage in transactions with such affiliates at your own risk.

Transfer of Personally Identifiable Information

In order to help you out, Iwishmarriage.com may share your personal information with the third parties following our terms and conditions. Your personal information is also used or shared for varied purposes such as notifying you about offers and new services, understanding the users’ intent, detecting & eliminating technical errors, rendering safer services etc.

We will share your information only with third parties who are linked to our business. The third parties with which we may share your information may publish or display your information at their websites or other media platforms to provide you further related services. These third parties linked with Iwishmarriage.com are expected as well as required not to misuse your personally identifiable information except for providing the services requested by you. Moreover, Iwishmarriage.com may share your personal information with its parent company, entities, or affiliates that iwishmarriage.com have currently or may have in the future. Iwishmarriage.com requires its parent company, entities, and affiliates to follow this policy.

In the future, if an organization acquires Iwishmarriage.com or its assets, Iwishmarriage.com may have to share your personal information with that organization and that organization will be obliged to respect the information mentioned in this privacy policy. The purposes of sharing your information with the organization is to (a) protect the rights of Iwishmarriage.com, its parent company, entities, affiliates, and users; (b) take serious actions against illegal and unethical activities; (c) follow all the legal processes like court orders, legal warrants, statute etc. In addition to that, Iwishmarriage.com is not required to question the authenticity and validity of any legal warrants, court orders, statute, or other government requests Iwishmarriage.com receives.


Iwishmarriage.com uses state-of-the-art technology to protect and keep your personal information confidential. Iwishmarriage.com will share your personal information only under the following circumstances:-

  • – If we are forced by the legal orders to share your information
  • – If we have your permission to share your information to provide you better services

Iwishmarriage.com takes all the required measures to protect your information, however, Iwishmarriage.com can’t guarantee you that your personal information will never get disclosed if the information you provide finds out to be violating this privacy policy or inconsistent with this privacy policy. In addition to that, here you also agree that any security breaches or any intercepted information you receive which are beyond the realm of our security are at your own risk. You are also not eligible to ask for the claim arising because of security breaches which are beyond the control of our standard security.

Updates on Privacy Policy

Iwishmarriage.com reserves all the rights to update or modify the Iwishmarriage.com privacy policy at any time. Iwishmarriage.com will notify you about any update or modification in the privacy policy by sending an e-mail on the email address you provided to us. Any revisions in the privacy policy will be effective as of the date of posting privacy policy update. These changes in privacy policy will be immediately effective for all the old as well as new users of the Iwishmarriage.com .

If the last e-mail address you provided to us is not valid or because of any reason not capable of delivering you the notice, our sent e-mail will still enforce changes in privacy policy as mentioned in the notice.

If you don’t want to grant Iwishmarriage.com rights to use your personal information, you should notify us immediately prior to the date of privacy policy change.

E-mails & Opt-Out

Iwishmarriage.com users can choose to opt-out of receiving e-mails and other pieces of information like newsletters by making the change in notification settings in the user account. In addition to that, users who are not registered with Iwishmarriage.com can also choose to opt-out of receiving newsletters and e-mails by meticulously following the instructions mentioned in the email.

Contact Iwishmarriage.com

If you have any question or want to make an inquiry related to this privacy policy, contact us at cc@Iwishmarriage.com.

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